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Councillor Vacancy
-- posted February 2nd 2017

Countesthorpe Parish Council currently has a councillor vacancy. View the poster (PDF).

Councillor Vacancy
-- posted January 7th 2017

Countesthorpe Parish Council currently has a councillor vacancy. View the poster (PDF).

Have a Go ... Have a Say
-- posted October 15th 2016

Countesthorpe Leysland Community College
Tuesday 18th October 2016 - 12.00noon to 3.30pm

View the poster (PDF).

Neighbourhood Policing
-- posted July 3rd 2016

As many of you will be aware, the new Police and Crime Commissioner, Lord Bach, recently held a Community Consultation event in Countesthorpe, in response to the increase in reports of anti social behaviour (ASB) we have received over recent months.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what your local police and our partners, such as Blaby District Council, are doing to tackle the problem.

View the full document (PDF).

Community Bus Service
-- posted July 3rd 2016

COMMBUS offers a real Door-to-Door dial-a-ride service five days a week from a large number of villages within Blaby district to large shopping centres and towns with regular additional day trips to further places of interest.

COMMBUS is a local charity run entirely by volunteers and is designed to be of service to the elderly and disabled. It offers passengers, who have difficulty or are unable to use public transport, personal independence to go shopping at an affordable cost.

View the COMMBUS website.

Country Park Update
-- posted June 13th 2016

You will be aware the Parish Council decided not to take up its option to take over the Country Park due to the extra cost required after the Developers had put so much waste material on it. However, Blaby District Council spoke to us just before Christmas asking us to be on a joint working party with them to discuss its future when it finally came into their hands. As far as we know the legalities have not yet been completed so the land still belongs to the Developer but we are unaware what the holdup is. To our astonishment at our meeting with BDC’s Director of Place Mark Alflat informed us that the copse was not part of the Country Park even though our plans told us it was.

Sadly Z44 path is suffering from lack of attention and as owners Leicestershire County Council have been informed. Our thanks to St. Andrews Church who at the end of May did a Sunday litter pick in The Country Park.

Changes and Consolidation
-- posted May 20th 2016

At their last Parish Council Meeting, the council heard that Christine Samuels after interviews has been promoted to Parish Council Manager. We wish her well. The council had previously set aside a small team with delegated powers to advertise and interview for this post. The post of Deputy Council Manager will now be advertised in the same way. The new Assistant to the Council Manager has also been named as Helen Kenney.

The council have unanimously voted to continue with Revd. Mick Gillespie as chairman and David Ball as vice chairman. A new councillor will be co-opted shortly to replace the councillor who resigned due to personal circumstances.

New Footpath
-- posted March 16th 2016

The Parish Council are to fund a footpath from the Redrow Homes Estate into Ladbroke Grove. The council have taken this decision as it believes children on their way to school could be in danger as they try to navigate their way between the new houses on the Redrow estate and the roads leading through to the schools.

Leicestershire County Council had a camera placed to record activity at this junction but as the camera only recorded low activity it has decided the path was to be low priority. Despite this the Parish Council felt it was not prepared to wait in case an accident happened so have accepted LCC’s estimate of costs. We now await the work to start.

Parish Council take over the Library
-- posted March 15th 2016

On Monday 14th March the Parish Council took over the running of the Library from Leicestershire County Council. Although little will change in the first few months it is the council’s long term aim to make the Library area more usable for other activities such as a café and new meeting room. This will also include some major alterations to the building currently under discussion.

The library will now open on a Tuesday from 10.00am to 2.00pm with a long term aim to be open during the same hours as the Parish Office. Evening and Saturday opening hours remain as now.

Change of ownership has brought with it lots of extra work as we put in place new contracts and procedures ceased when LCC relinquished their control. A mixture of permanent staff and volunteers under the management of the Parish Council manager will oversee this exciting new venture for the council.

Please bear with us as we make necessary changes. If you have questions, please approach our Parish Council office staff in the usual way.

Public Participation at Council Meetings
-- posted February 18th 2016

After many years, the 15 minutes allowed at 8.00pm for the public to raise topics at the Parish Council meetings is to change. Councillors have agreed the time should be brought forward in the meeting as topics raised have often been on the agenda but later on making it difficult for the chairman. The 15 minutes will remain but will now be brought forward so that it is nearer the front of the agenda. This change will take place in the March meeting.

Parking at the Bank
-- posted February 18th 2016

The Parish Council have decided to request from LCC Highways parking at the Bank is returned to its original adjacent parking. Although this reduces the number of parking slots in their opinion, there are too may safety issues to allow herring bone parking to continue. Backing out onto a busy road when it is sometimes difficult to see (and illegal) beyond the car parked next to you is an accident waiting to happen.

Highways suggested a six month review with a camera observing the parking but the Parish Council felt in that six months an accident could happen so were not prepared to wait for that length of time.

War Memorial – Press Release
-- posted January 2016

The Parish Council value highly the sacrifices made by service men and woman and recognise that there are instances which will not quite match our criteria for war memorial addition. To this end we are to put a memorial board in the chapel in the cemetery where others may be commemorated.

Download PDF press release.

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