Countesthorpe Parish Councillors


 Rev. Mick Gillespie Rev. Mick Gillespie - Chairman
3 Penfold Drive

Phone: 0116 278 1130

I married my wife Gill at St. Mary’s Church West Horsley in Surrey in 1962 and we moved via Coventry and Hinckley to Countesthorpe in 1973. We have three sons and one daughter and now blessed with five grandsons, four granddaughters, one step-grandson, and one step-granddaughter.

My career was largely with BT where I was firstly an engineer then for many years on Technical Support with the last decade or so in management. Ordained priest in the Church of England in 1988 and served as a minister in secular employment until I retired from BT in 2001. Still active within our local church of St Andrews and St Bartholomew’s church in Foston.

I joined the Parish Council in 2004 and played a lead part in the Parish Questionnaire of 2005. Now as chairman my main role is to take on all the responsibilities a council chairman has. This involves ensuring the Parish Council is run professionally and efficiently and keeps the interests of the village in the forefront of its actions. I also run the Parish Council website.

With Countesthorpe Parish Council having taken over the library in Spring 2016 from Leicester County Council, I now chair the Library Committee which oversees the running of the library and the plans for its future.

I have an interest in most sports but my passion is football where I support a team closer to my roots in Surrey.

 David Ball David Ball - Deputy Chairman
5 Laurel Drive

Phone: 0116 277 5253

I have lived in Countesthorpe since 1966. I am married and have two children, a son and a daughter who were both educated in Countesthorpe. I have three granddaughters and one grandson who live in the county.

In 2002 I was elected chairman and again in 2010. I am presently deputy chairman. I am still actively involved with the parish council, being chairman of the Estates working party and a member of the Library and chairman of the Police Liaison. I am also involved in the Senior Citizens Luncheon Club within the village and other local organisations.

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 Vicky Armstrong Vicky Armstrong
Station Road

Phone: 07960 189 698

I first came to the village in 1974. I am married with two adult children, both educated in the village, and three grandchildren.

I was a teacher for most of my working life including some happy time at Linden Junior School as it was then.

Now retired, I enjoy Tai Chi, gardening and bridge. I have been involved in several voluntary activities over the years and currently volunteer with Citizens Advice. I was also a founding member of Countesthorpe U3A.

I'm hoping for a long and healthy retirement in Countesthorpe and am honoured to be a member of the Parish Council. I want to devote time and energy to helping to keep Countesthorpe a pleasant and happy place to live, in particular in helping to maintain the rural character of the village.

 Maureen Baum Maureen Baum
6 Laurel Drive

Phone: 0116 277 4705

I have lived in Countesthorpe since 1973 and have adult twin daughters who have been educated at each of the local schools.

I worked for a bank for sixteen years before having the children and then worked in education administration as Office Manager at a local primary school for seventeen years until retirement in 2010.

Over the years I have been Treasurer and Secretary for two Ladies Evening Groups helping to set one up and also helped to set up the Parents and Friends Group at my local school. I set up and ran the school 100 Club for six years.

 Adrian Clifford Adrian Clifford
I have lived in the village all my life and very much value the benefits and quality of life Countesthorpe offers.

In 2003 I welcomed the opportunity and responsibility of becoming a Parish Councillor and continue to enjoy the varied challenges within this role.

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 David Findlay David Findlay
9 Waterloo Crescent

Phone: 0116 278 3668

I was born in Wellingborough and have lived in Leicestershire for the past 11 years, including the last 3 in Countesthorpe. I was awarded the WB Everett Memorial Award for encouraging Year 11 students to support Year 7 student when they joined the school. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

 Elisabeth Garratt Elisabeth Garratt
26 Marston Crescent

Phone: 0116 277 6064

I was born in Countesthorpe, and have spent my whole life in the village, (a ‘Niffy’ girl through and through!) I have been married to ‘Mick the Baker’, for eighteen years and we have three beautiful daughters who attend all of the village schools, just as Mick and I did.

Alongside my husband, we have run our bakery business, (Countesthorpe Born and Bread and bred in every sense,) in the village for twenty years, from where I am fortunate enough to have constant contact with Parishioners from very young to the perhaps not so young, along with a good share of wonderful ‘village characters’! Working in the shop makes me very accessible which I believe is crucial in connecting our council with its community.

Being a member of the Parish Council enables me to listen to what is said; good and bad, giving me the opportunity to voice concerns, conveying at the same time the work that the council tries to do for them, which as I have witnessed, Parishioners do not believe is always the case.

I have always loved the village we have chosen to live in, and have seen many changes over the years, some that have been the benefit to us and some that haven’t. I welcome the opportunity to contribute more actively in village life and to make a difference where I can.

 Peter Holdridge Peter Holdridge
25 Linden Avenue

Phone: 0116 277 1974

I went to all the schools in Countesthorpe and have lived in the village for almost the whole of my life. I am married to Victoria (who is also from Countesthorpe) and we have 3 children of school age. I work as an Accountant and I am Treasurer of a number of local charities. I am interested in the life of the village and in keeping it a great place to live.
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 David Jennings David Jennings
122 Station Road

Phone: 0116 277 4263

David Jennings is the longest serving member of Countesthorpe Parish Council having been elected in May 1970. David also represents Countesthorpe on Blaby District Council and Leicestershire County Council.

Born in Countesthorpe, he has lived here all his life. Married to Joy for over 30 years, they have two grown up children. Within an hour of being born the District Nurse was taking David round the village to show him off because he was such a pretty baby. To this day David claims that some things never change.

 Joy Jennings Joy Jennings
122 Station Road

Phone: 0116 277 4263

I have lived in Countesthorpe since marrying David in 1974, and have 2 grown up children. Until my retirement I was a teacher at Fleckney Primary School. In 2003 I returned to the Parish Council after having previously served for 8 years.

 Sue Kinvig Sue Kinvig
25 Rosebank Road

Phone: 0116 277 4368

Born in Liverpool, I married and moved to Leicester in 1981. We have lived in Countesthorpe since 1988 and have seen many changes in the village during this time. We moved to Countesthorpe to enjoy the neighbouring countryside and I am very keen to preserve our environment and green spaces. I look forward to being an active member of the Parish Council and becoming more involved with decisions relating to village matters.

 Ken Mason Ken Mason
10 Iona Way

Phone: 0116 278 1017

Retired Electrical Engineer. Arrived in Countesthorpe from Yorkshire in 1963. Would like to see more recreational facilities for both the young folk and retired made available within the village. Supporter of Rugby League football particularly the Bradford Bulls.

 Lynsey Pringle Lynsey Pringle
3 The Plantation

Phone: 07970 919 498

I have lived in Countesthorpe most of my life, having moved from Wigston with my family when I was only one and a half years old. I have received all my education in the village from a local Play School, the Countesthorpe Nursery School, Beechwood Infants, Linden Primary School, Leysland High School and Countesthorpe College. My education was first class and resulted in a place at Leicester University and later at Nottingham Law School. I have been involved in many local activities in the village, including fancy dress parades at the Scout Gala, attending local dance class for several years, participating in shows and performances at Countesthorpe College, helping to organise Fund Raising events for Loros in the primary school and much much more! I am a Christian and have worshipped at St Andrew's (where I was married) and Countesthorpe Baptist Church.

I have seen the village grow and change over the years. I feel I belong here and want to continue being not only a member of the community, but contributing to village life in whatever way I can. When I married in December 2013 my passion for Countesthorpe was such that we purchased a property in the centre of the village!

I am proud to be a member of the Parish Council and although I have a hectic work schedule and a busy life I will continue to devote all my energy and enthusiasm in ensuring that Countesthorpe remains a great place to live, not only for the inhabitants now, but for future generations.

 John Thacker John Thacker
30 Fir Tree Avenue

Phone: 0116 278 1877

I was born in South Wigston. I served in the Armed Forces and worked all my life in the machine tool industry.

We moved to Countesthorpe in 1968. We had two sons who were educated in the village. Several years after my wife died I married again to my wife Maureen in 1993.

I have always taken a keen interest in village life and, being a photographer, I started to record the changes within the village. This gives the opportunity to show how Countesthorpe has changed over time.

I am part of Countesthorpe U3A and Countesthorpe Heritage and would like to see more facilities for younger people within the village. As Countesthorpe is a village that has new developments it would be nice to see these integrate into the thriving community to maintain a village life.

 Martin Smith Martin Smith
46 Wheatland Drive

Phone: 0116 277 5783

I have lived in the village since 1983 and have been a member of the Parish Council since 1991. I was elected as Chairman of the Parish Council in May 2008.

I am also Chair of the Governors at Greenfield Primary School having been a Governor since my son attended the school some years ago. I help to produce The Herald and have recently joined the committee of the Cricket Club. I am also a member of Blaby Lions Club who raise money for charity.

After leaving school I worked for a bank for 25 years and am currently working with other schools' governing bodies as their “Clerk to the Governors”. I also work two days a week for Governorline, the national telephone helpline for school governors.

In my spare time I enjoy playing golf (badly) and enjoy watching the local cricket teams.

 Michael Upton Michael Upton
27 Gillam Butts

Phone: 0116 277 1015

I have lived in Countesthorpe since 1973, am married and have two adults sons. I worked in Local Authority for 44 years and was a Registered Architect until resigning in 2012 following my retirement in late 2011. I worked for both Leicester and Leicestershire and from 1990 to 2011 worked for Coventry City Council, my last position being manager of their Building and Consultancy Services with responsibilities for maintaining the council's building stock together with providing services to schools that chose to purchase our services.

I joined the Parish Council in 2015 and look forward to working on behalf of the community.

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