Countesthorpe Community Fund

The CCF is a growing group of residents who are driven to help people and groups in the village by collecting newspapers and selling them to raise funds for the benefit of the village.

The group is made up of 7 Trustees, 6 collectors and sorters, with 52 residents and shops who have a collection box outside their home or business, and Glebe Garden Centre who kindly allow the papers to be stored on their premises as well as their staff helping with the packing of pallets and loading of vehicles.

Selling the newspapers to the processor and not a middle man means the group raise the best possible price, generating the funds for the trustees to distribute around the village. The newspapers are converted into insulation, cat litter, stable litter, and pellets for use in road construction, plus many other uses.

The Trustees are the people who decide which deserving cause should get some of the monies raised. Application forms for grants are available from the Surgery, the Library, the Rainbow Shop, the Parish Council office and any of the churches, or see the links below.

Community Fund Newsletter

Read the Inaugural Newsletter - download.

Volunteers Needed

The Community Fund is always looking for more residents to offer to have a collection box outside their property as well as collectors and sorters. The shops and organisations with boxes are:

  • Glebe Garden Centre
  • Methodist Church
  • Baptist Church
  • The Rainbow Shop
  • Surgery
  • Vicarage
  • The Close Shave
  • The Barbers Shop

For more information please contact 07851 399 343.

Application Form
Download application form as Word or PDF document.

Completed Forms
Completed form should be returned to Countesthorpe Parish Council on Station Road. Whilst the Parish Council Office helps and supports the charity, they are not actually connected to Countesthorpe Community Fund.

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