Open Data

We are committed to publishing as much information and data as we can, free of charge. This Open Transparency area has been created to help us to:

  • Increase openness and transparency.
  • Make the data we hold freely available online (subject to the Data Protection Act).
  • Encourage the public to interact with and use the data that is available.
  • Publish data in a machine readable format so that is can be re-used.

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Audit Reports and Financial Regulations

 Exercise of Public Rights
  Annual Governance Statement 2016 / 2017 download

Notice of Conclusion of Audit to end of March 2017



  Annual Governance Statement 2015 / 2016 download

Notice of Conclusion of Audit to end of March 2016




Financial Regulations


Exercise of Public Rights

 Exercise of Public Rights
  Year ended 31st March 2017 download
  Year ended 31st March 2016 download

Expenditure over £500 and Budget Information

Documents are published monthly and sorted by financial year.

 Parish Council Pending Expenditure Transactions
  2018 - 2019 ongoing download
  2017 - 2018 download
  2016 - 2017 download
  2015 - 2016 download
 Village Hall Pending Expenditure Transactions
  2018 - 2019 ongoing download
  2017 - 2018 download
  2016 - 2017 download
  2015 - 2016 download
 Budget Documents
  Budget 2018 - 2019 download

Senior Management Salaries

No officer working for the Parish Council is paid sufficient to make the details public under the guidance from national government.

Council Staff Structure

 Staff Structure
  View document showing the Council's staff structure download

Councillor Allowances and Expenses

No Councillor is paid an allowance with the exception of the Chairman. The Chairman has an allowance of £500 per year to defray the cost of performing this role. All such claims are agreed by the full council and are included in the expenditure list.

Council Contracts

Contracts to business and to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector are detailed.

 Parish Council Contracts
  2018 - 2019 download
  2017 - 2018 download
  2016 - 2017 download
  2015 - 2016 download

Grants Awarded and Received

 Grants Awarded and Received
  2016 - 2017 download
  2015 - 2016 download


 General Policies
  Adult Safeguarding Policy download
  CCTV Policy and Procedure
  Childrens Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
  Code of Conduct
  Complaints Procedure
  Data Protection Policy
  Delegate authority in respect of officers
  Disclosure and Baring Policy
  Filming and Recording at Public Meetings
  Information Requests Policy and Procedure
  Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure
  Working Parties and Committees
 Employment Policies
  Adoption Leave Policy  
  Alcohol & Drugs Policy
  Bereavement Policy
  Dignity at Work Policy
  Disciplinary Policy
  Equal Opportunity Policy
  Equal Pay Policy
  Flexible Working Policy
  Gifts and Hospitality Guidance
  Grievance Policy
  Harassment Policy
  Health & Safety at Work Policy Statement and Anti-bribery statement
  Lone Working Guidance
  Maternity Policy
  Parental Leave Policy
  Paternity Leave Policy
  Poor Performance Policy & Procedure
  Sickness Absence Policy & Procedure
  Time off for Dependants Policy
  Vehicle Policy
  Volunteer Recruitment Policy
  Whistleblowing Policy

Countesthorpe Annual Village Meetings

Minutes of these meetings are contained in our Minutes section.

Council Land and Building Assets

Information detailing the location of public land and building assets and key attribute information that is normally recorded on asset registers.

 Council Land and Building Assets
  2017 - 2018 download
  2016 - 2017 download
  2015 - 2016 download

Democratic Running

Information about the democratic running of the local council including election results, committee minutes, decision-making processes and records of decisions are contained in our Minutes section.

All queries about information on this page should be directed to the Parish Manager to Countesthorpe Parish Council at the Parish Office.

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