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In 2004 all the residents of Countesthorpe received a 21 page Questionnaire asking for their opinions on a wide-ranging set of local concerns, issues and facilities. Residents were also asked to add written comments if the questions asked needed further explanation.

Over 700 replies and 100 pages of comments were received at the Parish Council office allowing the Parish Councillors to understand what parishioners thought about Countesthorpe and its facilities.

A report was then written which brought together the Questionnaire’s findings and has subsequently become known as ‘The Parish Plan’. The Parish Council have taken ownership of an Action Plan to improve ‘wherever it can’ those areas which generated most concern and feeling.

At the same time the Parish Council would like to thank and applaud the many people who already work hard to improve their village and its life.

The Report generated by the Questionnaire can be seen below, in the village Library and the Parish Council office. Residents can also see what progress is being made from the Action Plan updates here on our website.

Update 14th July 2009
All the actions of the Parish Plan have been met and those items, which were long-term, transferred to ‘Business as Usual’ on the Parish Council Monthly Agenda.
However recently (Spring 2009) a new group called ‘The Vision Group’ (for the want of a different name) has been set up to look into the future needs of the Parish. The group have a wide mandate but have to be realistic in their aims particularly in a time where finance is so very difficult to find. More information will be published as and when it is available.

 download Parish Plan Report

Parish Plan Report
Introduction to the Parish Plan
Download PDF file


 download Parish Plan Review

Parish Plan Review 2007
A full review of the Parish Plan
Download PDF file


Action Plan Update
This is the most recent document
Parish Plan Update - April 2007 PDF

Previous versions of the Action Plan Update have been archived - click here

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